Avoid COVID-19 and host your event online.

5 tips for hosting a paid online event.

If you are an event organizer or if you wish to host an event, then this blog post if for you. COVID-19 Regulations and Guidelines in South Africa forbid us from hosting public gatherings, we need to find creative ways of bringing audiences together. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube are great ways of making this happen however there are instances where event organizers need to present paid content that we all love and would traditionally pay to view. Events like theatre plays, webinars, concerts and virtual summits just to name a few. We bring you 5 tips for hosting a paid online event.

Create a plan of how you will present your content

Independently distributing paid content online can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t know how. Say you were thinking of producing and distributing a theatre play online, one of the things you need think about is how you’re going to present your content in a way that it will engage your audience. Things like cinematography come into play, lighting and sound can achieve this particular goal but that alone is not enough and that’s where creativity comes into play. A detailed plan with a little bit of experimentation can produce a great performance that will be both entertaining and engaging.

Come up with a good marketing strategy

Many producers know their audience very well, good producers on the other hand create audiences. A good marketing strategy is the difference between a positive and negative ROI.

Promote your event.

Promoting an event yourself is not easy, you will often feel like you need help, one way of tackling this challenge is to hire online promoters. Promoters are able to bring traffic to your campaigns by leveraging their social media influence. The other term for these people are social media influencers, people with a high number of followers. You can strike a deal with influencers by providing an incentive for tickets sold and or just include this in your marketing budget. After all, Google Ad campaigns are not as effective as influencer marketing when it comes to promoting events. People don’t search for theatre plays during quarantine because they don’t expect to be going to the theatre anytime soon.

Work with a digital marketing agency.

Digital marketing is a very specialized industry. We do many different things but generating traffic and driving conversions is what we do best. We stay on the cutting edge of strategy, anyone can set up a Facebook Ad but you may not be able to analyze traffic data and turn it into insights that will drive conversions or sales. Leave the crunching and reporting to us. You will often be on a tight schedule and not have the time to make the right decisions.

Pick the right platform

There are many ways of disseminating paid content online but it’s always a great idea to go with a service that makes managing the event an easy process. We recommend a platform that will allow you to create, manage, promote and distribute all under one roof. You can always partner with marketing agencies for the marketing and promotion of the event but as you’ll soon learn, it’s wiser to be able to have the opportunity to do some of the groundwork yourself like creating and monitoring campaign links used by your event promoters and so choosing a platform that makes the process easy for you is critical. We recommend Quicket, we have used it for our event and it has the right tools to get your event up and running in minutes. You will be able to connect it directly to your Google Analytics and Facebook analytics accounts and have access to real time data of how your event is performing, this allows you to be able to retarget users that didn’t convert and try to get them to buy a ticket. This article is brought to you by

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